Aviation 1 v Covid 0


Heathrow firm comes to the rescue of under-11s team struggling to afford kit during the coronavirus crisis

It looked like game over for Binfield FC Under 11s as the club struggled to fund kit for their players with the Covid-19 pandemic biting deep.

Then, in injury time, a late substitute by the name of Navajo Leasing made a decisive contribution that will keep the kids competing in their local league this season.

Navajo Leasing is a Heathrow based vehicle and GSE leasing company who offered to sponsor the side’s shirts. The assist came after John North, Area Manager at JBT Aerotech - whose son plays for Binfield - enquired about kit support from the Navajo team.

North said: “Due to Covid, the team lost their current sponsor. Normally its easy and you send out a few begging letters and eventually a business steps up, except for this year of course.

“The parents for the team all got involved but we could not find a sponsor, this  meant the team would be without out kit unless the parents bought the kit for the team, again not normally an issue but with job losses and sign on fee’s due, this was not going to happen. I decided to reach out to Navajo leasing who came to the rescue with the sponsorship.”

Great to see a good news story coming out of the coronavirus and congratulations to Binfield Under 11s, John and Navajo Leasing.

And, if you want your team to deliver on-time performance then there’s no better sponsor than an aviation operator…