Covid-safe temperature testing kiosks at the Annual


ICTS to install contactless Sentinel kiosks following successful trial at Heathrow

GHI has teamed up with ICTS to pioneer contactless boarding kiosks offering instant digital temperature checks as we step up the campaign to bring the aviation community together again in a Covid-safe environment at the 22nd Annual in Copenhagen this November.

The Sentinel kiosk technology has been successfully trialled at London Heathrow Airport this summer and units will be positioned at entry into the Conference space.

Sentinel kiosks will perform a highly accurate temperature reading of delegates before entry to the GHI facilities.

Attendees will be asked to identify themselves by scanning their delegate badge. The Sentinel kiosk will then use it infra-red thermal camera to perform a rapid, contactless and accurate temperature check. A successful test will trigger a green screen and welcome message to proceed to the conference area.

 The ICTS Sentinel Kiosk was developed in-house during lockdown and is currently being trialled by a number of airlines at London Heathrow Airport. The unit offers an efficient, user friendly and confidence boosting measure for passengers, ICTS reported.

Guy Doron, VP Global Sales, Said “ICTS is very excited to enter this partnership with GHI. We are confident we will deliver a dynamic, and definitive solution ensuring the show participants are safe and have confidence that those around them are well. ICTS has been working tirelessly to produce a number of solutions to address the many problems we currently see surrounding the Covid-19 crisis and be able to return to a sense of normalcy quicker”

Max Gosney, GHI Chairman, said: “We’re delighted to be working with the team at ICTS to deploy this novel and user-friendly solution to the challenges facing us all around ensuring the safety of our customers during the Covid-19 crisis. It’s great to be working with a product solution that’s deployed within the aviation sector we serve.”

The ICTS Sentinel Kiosks are part of a raft of safety boosting measures being deployed at this year’s Annual Conference. To read more click here