Keeping you safe: GHI implements socially distanced layouts and extra cleaning


The GHI team will be benchmarking the Annual Conference against global Covid-19 best practice guidelines in the run up to the event. Here’s some initial steps we’ve taken…

More spacious layouts and heightened cleaning regimes have been implemented within GHI’s Annual Conference floor plan as safety enhancing measures.

GHI has a duty of care to all of our delegates and will be benchmarking the Annual Conference against global Covid-19 best practice guidelines as set out by WHO and you – the aviation industry.

We will continue to monitor and implement these recommended measures in the run up to Copenhagen. GHI will update you in future issues of this newsletter.

Confirmed measures so far include:

-Physical distancing in the exhibition: we will increase the spacing between stands and offer additional sanitisation stations within the space. Click here to view the latest floorplan. Enhanced cleaning regimes will also be delivered by our venue team. 

-Safer Meeting Rooms:  GHI has increased the size of all of our meeting room options to allow you to meet and entertain clients in a safe area that complies with physical distancing guidelines. The rooms will feature hand sanitiser and adequate spacing to allow for social distanced seating. Larger rooms will also have separate entrance and exit doors. Sanitisation of meeting areas will be conducted frequently by cleaning attendants.

-Enhanced cleaning and sanitisation throughout: We will step up the sanitisation of all areas, particularly high traffic locations such as meeting rooms & points, conference room and exhibition stands. We will offer additional hand washing/sanitising areas throughout the conference space.

-Track and trace: all attendees will have to declare that they are symptom-free and have not been in close contact with anyone who is a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last 14 days in order to gain access to the conference. GHI will store meetings information to aid track and trace should a delegate exhibit symptoms after attending the conference. All data will be collected and stored in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Have you got a view on Covid-safety measures? Have you implemented a countermeasure in your operation that you want to share with us? Yes? Email