Meet the GHI team


This issue, we catch up with GHI Editor, Alwyn Brice from his home library come office on how a virus has turned globalisation against us and his prospects of taking a press trip again soon…

Q- How are you managing with editing GHI while the UK is in lockdown?

Alwyn: “In terms of managing remotely, this is a very straightforward exercise. I've often told people that I could compile GHI on a desert island, given a satellite link. Funny thing, but nobody has taken me up on the offer as yet... The hard bit is getting people to respond to e-mails: helping the press isn't high on their agenda at present.”

Q- Talk us through your new home office?

Alwyn: “I don't have a new home office: our fourth bedroom was always my study and so is full of my collectables and hundreds of books. Yes, I'm one of those people who still reads! Scanner, PC, three phones and a printer complete the set-up.”

Q- What’s your outlook for the aviation industry in light of this crisis?

Alwyn: “The aviation sector is certainly in a crisis and it fascinates me to think that countries have almost been brought to their knees by a malignant strain of a pre-existing virus. Its spread says much for the communications network that mankind has developed. The sector will come through this, and it will emerge leaner and fitter; equally, industry will lose some dead wood and should be in better shape after the virus has passed.

Q- What’s your message to GHI readers during this time?

Alwyn: “GHI readers, I'm sure, are a resilient bunch. Many will have been through 9/11, SARS and MERS, not to mention unthinkable airline collapses like that of Swiss. It's a testing time but they will pull together, of that I am certain.”

Q- When do you think you will be out on your next press trip?

Alwyn: “And my next press trip? Ask me about three months' time...”

Q-Any tips on keeping our spirits up?

Alwyn: “There's no easy answer to getting through what appears outside to be a post-apocalyptic landscape. Make sure you exercise regularly, vary your days as much as you can, and keep in touch with people, even if remotely. Combined, we are bigger than this threat!”

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