Meet the GHI team


This issue, we catch up with GHI Operations Director, Ceri Sladden on adjusting to the new normal, working with cats and taking a trip down conference memory lane to provide cheer until the day we meet again…

Q- The UK is into its third week of lockdown so how are you getting on?

Ceri: “It has certainly been a big change not seeing the rest of the team every day, but we are keeping in regular touch, trying to adjust to the new ‘normal’. Personally, going from regular site visits and conferences to spending so much time at home has been a big change. I’ve enjoyed it, but I’m not sure the husband and my two cats would agree!”

Q- Any tips on keeping our spirits up?

Ceri: “It’s difficult when the world seems to have changed so much and so quickly, but I’m making a conscious effort to get out once a day for a walk in the fields around my house. Getting some fresh air really does make you feel so much better. I would really recommend keeping in regular contact with your friends and family via video chat. We’ve been having regular group chats in the evenings over zoom playing quizzes and games, which adds some variety to the monotony of sitting on the sofa watching TV!”

Q- Now is a perfect time for reflection and looking to old memories for a pick me up: which GHI conference memories raise a smile and why?

Ceri: “There are so many fantastic memories it is hard to pick just one or two. My favourites have got to be from our Annual Conferences. There is so much hard work in the build up to them, but getting to see the GHI delegates, new and old, coming together to network from around the world makes it all worth it. I am already looking forward to when we can all meet again…”

Q- What’s your message to GHI delegates during this time?

Ceri: “There’s no denying it is a turbulent time for our industry and the uncertainty makes it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the GHI delegates are tough and together we can get through the difficult times.”