Stakeholder Collaboration to take starring role in the Conference room


Profiles of successful airline-handler-airport-supplier partnerships and what we can learn for the future

GHI will run a series of Stakeholder Collaboration themed presentations at the Annual Conference as we look to explore how aviation operators have used teamwork to triumph over pandemic disruption in 2020.

The seminars will provide case-study examples of partnerships between handlers, airlines and airports that have addressed capricious schedules and heightened boarding complexity.

Confirmed speakers include Javed Malik, Group Operations Officer at AirAsia, who will identify how the carrier has fast-tracked a host of digital boarding innovations to combat coronavirus transmission risks.  Malik will explain how the carrier has collaborated with ground handlers and airlines to revolutionise its passenger processing and aircraft turnaround protocols since the pandemic struck.

Malik told a GHI Webinar on the Coronavirus crisis: “Collaboration is queen: we all have to collaborate if we’re going to get people to go back to whatever is the new norm. If we put our heads in the sand and think once this is over then it will all be wonderful and return then we’re really kidding ourselves. It’s about giving trust and confidence to passengers”

An airport angle on successful collaboration will be provided by Liam Bolger, Head of Airside Operations at London Luton Airport on 1 December. Bolger will reveal how a deliberate move away from OTP as the dominant on-stand metric as reaped dividends at Luton. Bolger will reveal how GSE pooling, a safety stack and IGOM implementation took seed and earned KPI gains for all tenants.

The stakeholder collaboration is twinned with s series of sessions looking at how aviation businesses modify their operations to meet the challenges of Covid-19 while remaining profitable.

Sessions include: ‘The end of OTP as we know it? Building the SLA, version 2.0; Dawn of the great digital age: how automation and new tech can help your operation overcome the challenges of the pandemic; and adapting the SGHA to the post Covid-age’.

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Are you an airline, ground handler, supplier or airport with a great story to tell about stakeholder collaboration since the pandemic? Send us your details, email