The great air cargo opportunity explored


GHI’s Cargo Zone is back and will discuss how operators take advantage of a boom area during the coronavirus pandemic

GHI will be delivering a special Cargo Zone at the 22nd Annual to reflect the growing importance of cargo business to aviation operators since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Cargo Zone launched at the Annual Conference in Amsterdam last year to provide best practice sharing opportunities between passenger and cargo handling activities.

The intervening period has seen a boom in temporary aircraft conversions as airlines look to capture essential revenue from fleets that have been largely grounded during the pandemic.

Nearly 70% of aviation operators told GHI they planned to enhance their cargo business mix to offset pandemic disruption to pax services in a survey earlier this year.

The Cargo Zone will feature a bespoke workshop speaker theatre, plus supplier stands offering cargo handling equipment and services.

Seminar topics will include: business strategies for growing cargo market share; delivering the Covid-19 vaccine; GSE for cargo; freighter conversions; talking ULD technology; automation; pharma growth; the A320/A321 freighter opportunity.

Latest IATA figures show a 28% fall in cargo capacity compared to 2019 and insufficient airport facilities to handle goods.

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