What the stats say


GHI reviews the latest Covid-19 data released by the World Health Organization, governments and aviation analysts over the past week. Which countries have seen a rapid rise in cases? Are there areas where the pandemic is starting to plateau and what does that tell us?

A single bombastic President catching coronavirus is a story: nearly 12 million others testing positive merely a statistic rings true this week.

Brazil’s leader, Jair Bolsonaro – the man previously told to wear a face mask or face a fine – announced he had the virus live on TV. The President then removed his face mask, grinned and told reporters: ‘Just look at my face. I’m fine, well, thank God.’ Bolsonaro has ridiculed the risks from coronavirus throughout, branding the virus a ‘little cold’ that would not trouble a former athlete like himself. 

More than 66,000 of his countrymen have not been so lucky and their deaths position Brazil second in the world for Covid-19 fatalities. That grim toll surpassed 500,000 this week.

Brazil’s Latin American neighbours continued their rise up the global league table of cases in a week of flux for the top 10 of most affected countries. Chile and Peru leapfrogged the UK to become the 5th and 6th worst hit nations. Mexico made it’s entry into the table in 8th position. To the north, the US has served notice on its membership of the World Health Organization following Donald Trump’s accusations of a China bias within the group. The US reported nearly 60,000 fresh cases on 3 July.

To the far south, Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne has entered a six week lockdown in a bid to prevent a second wave. The restriction affects nearly 5 million people and sees the border between Victoria and New South Wales shut for the first time in a century.

India has dislodged Russia as the third worst hit coronavirus country this week. Outbreaks in cities like New Delhi have seen India post more than 23,000 cases a day last week.

On some positives, we wave goodbye to Italy from the top 10 worst affected nations this week. That’s the one and same country that was epicentre of the European coronavirus outbreak three months ago and recording 6,000 daily cases at peak. Italy recorded 137 occurrences on 4 July.

Top 10 countries by confirmed cases of Covid-19
  1. US: 2,996,098 (1)
  2. Brazil: 1,668,589 (2)
  3. India: 742,417 (4)
  4. Russia: 693,215 (3)
  5. Peru: 309,278 (6)
  6. Chile: 301,019 (7)
  7. UK: 287,880 (5)
  8. Mexico: 268,008 (New Entry)
  9. Spain: 252,130 (8)
  10. Iran: 245,688 (10)
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