What the stats say


GHI reviews the latest Covid-19 data released by the World Health Organization, governments and aviation analysts over the past week. Which countries have seen a rapid rise in cases? Are there areas where the pandemic is starting to plateau and what does that tell us?

The Americas region has this week earned the unwelcome WHO label as the epicentre of the global Covid-19 pandemic with Brazil overtaking Russia to become the second worst hit coronavirus county in the world.

A US study warns Brazil could increase its death toll five fold and record 125,000 deaths by early August. President Bolsonano is still rejecting lockdown measures against what he terms “a little flu”.  Death tolls are projected to reach 20,000 in Peru, 12,000 in Chile and 6,000 in Ecuador.

All of which are dwarfed by Latin’s America’s neighbour to the north. The US is closing in on 100,000 confirmed deaths from Covid-19.

In Europe, the first (and hopefully only) wave of the pandemic thins out even further in one-time epicentres like Italy. The nation reported 78 deaths on 26 May and 397 fresh cases.

Spain has announced 10 days of national mourning for it’s near 27,000 victims of the pandemic. Reports suggest Germany is planning to ease travel warnings for 31 European neighbours from 15 June providing infections continue to ease.

In Asia, South Korea sparked fears of a second wave when reporting 40 new cases in a day: its biggest rise for 50 days.

But, let’s finish on a high note with New Zealand. The land of the long white cloud also offers silver linings and has reported five consecutive days of no new cases. New Zealand could be on course to become the first country in the world to eliminate the coronavirus.

Top 10 countries by confirmed cases of Covid-19
  1. US: 1, 681,418 (1)
  2. Brazil: 391,222 (3)
  3. Russia: 370,680 (2)
  4. UK: 266,602 (4)
  5. Spain: 236,259 (5)
  6. Italy: 230,555 (6)
  7. France: 182,847 (7)
  8. Germany: 181,293 (8)
  9. Turkey: 158,762 (9)
  10. India: 151,876 (New entry)

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