The antidote

Lessons from 9/11


Aviation had to reinvent itself after terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in 2001. Covid-19 is a different kind of change agent but many of the fundamental challenges it creates are the same says Wolfgang Fasching, Owner & MD at AGORA Consulting

The Spanish Inquisition


A snap quarantine by the UK government on passengers returning from Spain is draconian and deeply damaging says GHI’s Max Gosney. It’s time policy makers grasped that only through collaboration will we conquer this virus...

A triumph of the Covid spirit


It’s been a traumatic 19 weeks reflects Desiree Perez, Leadership Coach. But, we – as business leaders – have shown the passion and perseverance to pull through whatever the pandemic has thrown at us

‘I believe in miracles’


GHI Chairman, Max Gosney sees auspicious signs of recovery during a trip to the apron at London Luton Airport. However, a sustained turnaround in our fortunes demands unshakeable faith in stakeholder collaboration, he discovers

The authentic leader


Struggling to pick your perfect leadership style? Stop and be true to yourself instead says Desiree Perez, Leadership Coach

A little give and take, part IV


In the final part of his series on cooperative behaviour styles, Wolfgang Fasching, Owner & MD at AGORA Consulting, describes the performance multiplying effect that follows leading by example

The Rise of the Machines


Automation is the buzzword in aviation as businesses look to rebuild after the pandemic. Robots may eventually outperform us in all aspects of running a successful station. So let’s embrace the age of AI algorithms rather than resist it says GHI’S Max Gosney